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On Friday 21th of September 2018, representatives from Fidinam Group Worldwide Limited Hong Kong, Mr. Uny Chan, Manager of Swiss Desk and Mr. Tu Nguyen, local Fidinam representative in Ho Chi Minh City attended the mega promotion “In Style – Hong Kong” organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) for the first time in Vietnam.
Major events under the mega promotion included a symposium that highlighted Hong Kong’s professional services, an expo that showcased products from Hong Kong’s leading brands, and a gala dinner to forge closer ties between business communities from Hong Kong and Vietnam. The promotion received enthusiastic support from Vietnamese government officials, business leaders and consumers, with the three events attracting more than 2,900 participants. Fidinam representatives had an opportunity to introduce its professional services to Hong Kong brands at the event, specially since the establishment of Ho Chi Minh representative office. Fidinam aims to assist HongKong brands to enter Vietnam, look for partners, suppliers, and expand their businesses to one of the most vibrant emerging markets in South East Asia.

Close Ties between Hong Kong and Vietnam
Vietnam is Hong Kong’s largest export market among ASEAN members and sixth-largest export market globally, taking in US$10.2 billion worth of exports from the city in 2017. Vietnam was also Hong Kong’s 10th-largest trading partner in 2017 and the first seven months of 2018. Last year, trade volume between Vietnam and Hong Kong amounted to US$18.11 billion, an 11.7% increase year-on-year. Key areas of Hong Kong and Vietnam cooperation include manufacturing, logistics, food and seafood processing, hotels and hospitality.

„Over the past five years, merchandise trade between Hong Kong and Vietnam has grown, on average, almost 10% a year. There’s also a strong Hong Kong business community in Vietnam, ranging from garment manufacturing to property development and investment banking,“ said Mr Chan. He also underlined Hong Kong’s strengths as the world’s leading financial center in Asia and highlighted that the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area Development creates additional opportunities for Hong Kong as well as the countries and companies that work with the city.

At the event, Mr. Le Hoai Trung, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, and Mr. Le Thanh Liem, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committees of Ho Chi Minh City attended as guests of honor. The Deputy Minister stated: “In Style • Hong Kong’ 2018 attracts Hong Kong and Vietnam businesses participants. This is the vivid evidence that we both attach great focus on economic cooperation between Hong Kong and Vietnam,”

Mr. Le Thanh Liem remarked that “with the ‘In Style • Hong Kong’ event, we will not only know more about Hong Kong’s prestigious, quality products and brands, but we will also have opportunities to enhance trade connectivity and promote and create a platform for collaborative development, not only on the economic side but also in other aspects such as culture and society.”

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