Fidinam & Azzurri Football Club

Fidinam is very glad to be the sponsor of Azzurri Football Team for the season 2018-2019.

Founded in 1994, Azzurri is part of the biggest amateur league of Hong Kong (with 48 teams across 4 divisions), the Yau Yee League.

The players are from Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy and France and they are mostly working in the financial industry or luxury business.

Here below the words of the coach, Mr. Byoung.

„A new era has begun in 2015 for the club, with a new management, new vision and new sponsors that brought us to a historic promotion to division 1 last year.

A melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds, we have succeeded in having a fantastic group of people and friends, who share the same passion for football and strive to learn how to be successful as a team. While remaining an amateur team, we don’t forget to be competitive and seek to improve year after year, while constantly reminding ourselves to always be humble.

Thanks to Fidinam, we were also able to feed a team into Hong Kong’s biggest amateur indoor football (“futsal”) league, Power Soccer. With 36 teams in 6 divisions, we are proud to say we are currently leading the division 1 ranking!“





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