Business Climate for Companies in Hong Kong

How is Hong Kong evolving in attracting corporations and entrepreneurs in Asia? What are the new trends in doing business in the Region?

Mr. Alessandro Pedrinoni , CFO at Fidinam Group Worldwide faced these questions during the monthly luncheon of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong on Monday 1st of April at the Hong Kong Club.

Mr. Pedrinoni brought up to the table the main changes of Hong Kong policies from 2015 when it was flagged as Blacklisted, until now that Hong Kong is officially deemed by the EU to be fully compliant with good governance tax standards.

In addition to that the CFO of Fidinam Group Worldwide highlighted some examples of incentives in Hong Kong, for istance the recent and fast growth of virtual banks and the fund support for the small and medium enterprises. Fidinam has in fact assisted clients to obtain those funds.

Finally, Mr. Pedrinoni talked about the current trends of doing business in Hong Kong bringing to light some of the most interesting cases, proof of the fact that Hong Kong is a fast changing business environment and the companies should always be updated with the latest regulatory and industry trends.

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