Investing In Europe – Fidinam Event

What are the pro and cons to invest and set up a business in Europe?

Fidinam Singapore, in collaboration with the Singapore Manufacturing Federation, is organising an event to talk about the legal and tax framework in Italy, France and Switzerland with a look also on the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The event will take place on Wednesday 17th of April at 2.30 pm at the SMF premise in Singapore.

The seminar will be presented by the Fidinam professionals. Mrs. Raffaella Piccoli, Managing Director of Fidinam Singapore, will give a general introduction to the topic and will present the GDPR. Mr. Nicolas Michaux, Managing Director of Fidinam Hong Kong will present the French jurisdiction, Ms. Daniela Radrizzani, Head of Finance at Fidinam Singapore, will introduce the Italian Jurisdiction and finally Mr. Patrick Heimann, Senior Consultant of the Swiss Desk of Fidinam Hong Kong, will talk about the situation in Switzerland.

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