Investing In Europe – Fidinam Event

Fidinam Singapore, in collaboration with the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), held an interesting seminar on Wednesday 17th of April.

The topic was about investment in Europe, particularly in France Switzerland and Italy with a look also on the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it was presented by the professionals of Fidinam.

Ms. Raffaella Piccoli, Managing Director of Fidinam Singapore, talked about the GDPR, Mr. Nicolas Michaux, Managing Directtor of Fidinam Hong Kong, brought up to light the investment structures in the French jurisdiction, Mr. Patrick Heimann, Senior Consultant of the Swiss Desk of Fidinam Hong Kong, highlighted the most important aspects of Switzerland and to conclude Ms. Daniela Radrizzani, Head of Finance at Fidinam Singapore, explained the business opportunities for doing business in Italy.

Ms. Raffaella Piccoli


Mr. Nicolas Michaux

Mr. Patrick Heimann

Ms. Daniela Radrizzani

The Seminar did not have the aim to pick what jurisdiction is good or bad for an investment, but it had the goal to discuss the potential for Singapore or South East Asian corporation in directly investing into Europe and therefore what would be the best tools to approach such an investment.

The event took place at the SMF premise in Singapore and the speakers welcomed more than 50 guests.

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