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The first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia will take place in Dubai. It will start in October 2020 and ends in April 2021 with the theme Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. For six months the mammoth event will celebrate culture and collaboration through innovative projects and exhibitions. A total of 192 countries will attend, with millions of visitors expected to descend on the UAE from around the world.

Obviously, change is coming to Dubai next year, bringing the opportunity of a lifetime for anyone setting up or moving their business here. During Expo 2020, over 200 nations and organizations will gather to showcase their culture and achievements. It’s an event of global prestige which will bring some very powerful and much-needed positive attention to the UAE.

As Fidinam Dubai, one of the official Service Provider for this massive event, we expect to share with our clients, business partners and friends the opportunities that Expo 2020 will generate especially in respect to inbound and outbound. For inbound opportunities we refer to all businesses aiming to participate to the creation of Expo with their products and services. For outbound opportunities we look at the talents that during the Expo 2020 will promote themselves in order to attract investments from the Gulf and other countries attending the Expo. Given the theme of the event, new technologies, products and services related to mobility and sustainability will likely be core of this unpayable showcase.

More Information about the EXPO 2020

It’s all happening in the Dubai South district, near Al Maktoum International Airport. With so many people due to descend on the 4.38sqkm site, it will eventually have its own metro station which can handle 44,000 passengers per hour. Plus, with an influx of international visitors expected, Dubai International Airport is also working to upgrade its runways, while many new hotels are springing up near the Expo 2020 site.

According to data from Propertyfinder, a little more than 21,000 units were handed over in Dubai in 2017, and more than 10,400 units have been handed over so far this year.

“There are 40,000 units completed by the end of 2018. However, the materialization rate (the number that will actually occupy them) will be much less, probably around 15% to 20%, which has been the consistent rate over the last few years.

“There are more than 70,000 units scheduled to be completed in 2019 and 35,000 units scheduled to be completed in 2020,” Lynnette Abad, Director of Research and Data at Propertyfinder, told Khaleej Times.

The Theme

As briefly mentioned before there are three main sub-themes to the event: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. These will take pride of place within three stunning UAE pavilions, but will also be found in other nations’ pavilions.


We all have the power to shape the future. Expo 2020 aims to unlock this potential in multiple ways, such as supporting solutions to social problems through our Expo Live programme and introducing visitors to new ideas that inspire them to act.


When we enable smarter movement of knowledge, ideas and goods, a new world of possibilities unfolds. Expo 2020 looks at how this has helped us explore new frontiers, and how humanity is making greater leaps than ever through digital connectivity.


The need to live in balance with the world we inhabit has never been more critical. Expo 2020 is embracing alternative sources of food, water, and clean and renewable energy, and encouraging us all to reassess how we can preserve the planet.

Matteo Pozzetti, Managing Partner of Fidinam DMCC

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