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Hong Kong has always been a hub for financial services for clients from all over the globe.  The jurisdiction has a friendly regulatory environment, a world class legal system, and superb infrastructures that attract clients from around the world to come here for their corporate and private wealth structuring needs.  Fidinam Hong Kong Limited is taking advantage of this opportunity by establishing its Asian Desk here in Hong Kong.

The Asian Desk has a dual focus, corporate and private clients.

For Corporate Clients, it is important to structure businesses and transactions in a way that supports effective management and minimizes unnecessary expenses, while being complied to all relevant laws and regulations.  Asian Desk provides full range of corporate services.   When working with Fidinam, clients can focus their energy on developing their business because they are sure that the important issue of structuring and compliance of the relevant regulations are taken care of professionally.

For private clients, we help them achieve their asset protection and succession planning goals in efficient ways.   Our experience allows us to guide our clients through the process of analysing their needs, deciding on the most appropriate solutions, setting up the required structures, managing and administering the structures for the long term.

The Asian Desk of Fidinam Hong Kong is headed by Ms Pamela Wong.   Ms. Wong has been assisting many multi-national corporations and ultra high net worth families with structuring and establishing businesses in Asia for years now.   It is our goal to make Fidinam the preferred service provider in the industry by ensuring that every client gets premium services here at Fidinam.

Pamela Wong, Head of Asian Desk of Fidinam (Hong Kong) Limited

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