A new company in Fidinam Group: Fidinam (Vietnam) Limited

After more than two years from the establishment of its Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Fidinam Group Worldwide has opened a full-fledged advisory company in March 2020: Fidinam (Vietnam) Limited.

This step marks an important milestone for the development of the Group in the country and opens new opportunities for our clients.

Vietnam and its fast-growing economy, international trade agreements as well as low labour costs represents one the most interesting Countries in Asia Pacific, attracting a growing number of foreign investors.

Looking for investing in Vietnam? We can assist you!

Fidinam Vietnam provides a wide portfolio of services including the following:

  • Market research, Feasibility memorandum and deal matching services
  • Corporate Services
    • Incorporation of Foreign Invested Companies as well as branches, Representative Offices and Vietnamese Invested companies.
    • License Amendments Services
    • Nominee directorship
    • Treasury services and other administrative services
    • Off-shore investment registration certificates
  • Employment Services and Labour Contracts
    • Applications for Working Permits, Business VISAs, temporary residence cards, etc.
  • Compliance Services (in collaboration with local partners)
    • Accounting and Statutory Services
    • Electronic Invoicing
    • Tax filing
    • HR & Payroll services
  • International Tax Advisory for cross-border investments
    (in collaboration with other Fidinam Units)
  • Wealth and Estate Planning
    (in collaboration with other Fidinam Units)

Understanding where to locate the company and how to implement an effective business model in the Country is often the first obstacle to be addressed by foreign companies looking at the Vietnamese market.

Its experience in working with several business parks and partners allows Fidinam to assist step-by-step investors throughout this process.

Once the opportunity is sized out, we can review the business licensing needs evaluating restrictions and sub-licensing needs as required from time to time by the Vietnamese regulation for foreign investors.

Foreign investments are welcomed in Vietnam, but it is also required to successfully apply for different licenses and operate the businesses within the legal framework designed for the planned investment. Foreign direct investments in Vietnam are generally subject to commitments, agreements of Vietnam in international treaties, covenants.

Depending on the intended scope of business, the foreign investors may be permitted to set up a company having 100% foreign owned capital or other forms in accordance with the laws. A few business lines are limited to 100% Vietnamese owned companies.

After the establishment of the company, our clients may need Fidinam Vietnam services to manage their operations including directorship services, administrative and treasury services as well as accounting and tax filing provided by our team, when needed in collaboration with local business partners.

Thanks to our local team and the collaboration with other Fidinam Units, we can also assist Vietnamese entrepreneurs, SMEs, families, and individuals to invest overseas leveraging on Fidinam solid experience in advising clients in multiple jurisdictions.

Undoubtedly, bringing its know-how and experience in the Vietnamese market represents an investment for Fidinam, which aims to assist the growing needs of local companies and individuals expanding their interests overseas and looking at cross-border opportunities.

In conclusion, the range of services available for our clients in Vietnam includes structuring companies in off-shore jurisdictions as well as wealth planning solutions to protect and assist families in passing their assets to the next generations.

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