How to manage your Company from anywhere

Since the beginning of 2020, social distancing means working from home for many companies. This is leading to a “business transformation” on multiple levels. Even for small companies, with few internal processes, this shift can prove challenging without solid solutions in cloud computing.

The Economist has recently published an article titled “How to manage a business without a headquarters”, mentioning the practice, typically within start-ups, of using tools and software to run a business outside the office.

Fidinam Hong Kong has built inhouse knowledge to help SMEs to master this transitioning phase, while maintaining operations up and running.

 Working From Home

Working From Home practice dates back to the 1970s. It is nowadays a quite common practice worldwide, particularly in the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia about 10% has been working from home every day in the past decade, according to a Reuters poll.

For Hong Kong companies, the advantages are clear: fewer commuting impacts positively employees’ quality of life, rental costs for companies can be reduced and there is a positive environmental contribution.

Fidinam Hong Kong, while serving Clients based globally, has gained relevant experience with remote working, and has developed an implementation strategy involving three integrating cloud tools (easy to implement) to effectively “remote manage” your company: Slack,  a workspace online, Asana, a tasks system and Xero, an accounting software.

Managers are at the core of this strategy as they need to manage their staff by assigning them tasks through Slack, setting up deadlines on Asana and checking the financial performance of the company on Xero to take decisions.

Employees see their communication efficiency increased by texting with colleagues and sharing documents on Slack. Moreover, they see their duties prioritized by the Management on Asana and rely on a user-friendly interface on Xero to take care of the issuance and automated delivery of invoices.

Clients of the Company receive invoices directly to their mailbox and can pay by credit card, reducing dramatically the time of payment settlement.

Accountants can access to Xero to carry out the accounting work without the need of meetings and/or delivery of physical documents.

External Consultants can access virtual data rooms and channels on Slack to cooperate with the management and company employees.

Within this process, Xero is of critical importance, as it automatically connects with most banks in Hong Kong so that information is automatically imported in the system, reducing data entry and human error while optimizing operations. Moreover, Xero provides financial info access to both companies and to advisors.

Fidinam is helping companies in developing working strategies to smoothly manage the workforce and processes of SMEs. These tools will be critical in this time of uncertainty and could prove to be winning solutions even after the emergency will end.

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