escrow agent

Using an Escrow Agent to your facilitate and secure your transactions

In commercial transactions, suppliers require more and more to get paid once the order is confirmed, while Buyers want to be sure to get what they pay for, and prefer to pay once the goods are delivered. In such cases, an escrow agent can be an efficient solution to solve each party’s concerns. What Is an Escrow? An escrow […]

Singapore budget

Singapore Resilience Budget– COVID-19 Relief Program

Following the release of Budget Statement 2020 last February (the ‘Budget 2020’), the global COVID-19 crisis has hugely worsened, rapidly affecting, among others, the economy in Singapore and globally. Singapore Government has promptly reacted, implementing several measures to support Singapore companies and individuals, to save jobs and to help businesses in preserving their cash flow […]

Hong Kong COVID-19 financial relief package

To face the challenges brought by Covid-19, the Hong Kong Government has issued a financial relief package. On Wed 8th April 2020, Carrie Lam has announced a financial relief package in order to help individuals and business highly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, including the introduction of HKD 80 Billion Employment Support Scheme (ESS). The […]

Thailand Retirement Visa

Discover today all the benefits of obtaining a Thai Retirement Visa. No Thai source income taxable only if remitted to Thailand No wealth tax No tax filing obligations for foreign investments and assets Mitigated inheritance and gift tax Retirement VISA eligible to applicants of age 50+ Find here the full program and all the advantages. […]

coronavirus ecommerce in china

China: Acceleration of e-commerce and new online purchasing patterns

The Coronavirus outbreak that first developed in Wuhan and quickly spread to the entire country has triggered a range of disruptive consequences for the supply chain of a multitude of domestic and foreign companies in China, also generating significant change in terms of consumers’ behavior and preferences.


近年来,中国的综合国力不断提升,日趋频繁的贸易活动也加强了国际人才流动的必要性。不论是为了下一代的教育或是营商,申请一个海外的身份或居留权的优势变得越来越明显。富德林综合了部分主流国家的居留项目,从法规、税务、申请手续等不同方面提供了分析。 欢迎细阅附件的信息,并随时与我们联系 Dubai_Residency_by_Incorporation

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