coronavirus ecommerce in china

China: Acceleration of e-commerce and new online purchasing patterns

The Coronavirus outbreak that first developed in Wuhan and quickly spread to the entire country has triggered a range of disruptive consequences for the supply chain of a multitude of domestic and foreign companies in China, also generating significant change in terms of consumers’ behavior and preferences.


近年来,中国的综合国力不断提升,日趋频繁的贸易活动也加强了国际人才流动的必要性。不论是为了下一代的教育或是营商,申请一个海外的身份或居留权的优势变得越来越明显。富德林综合了部分主流国家的居留项目,从法规、税务、申请手续等不同方面提供了分析。 欢迎细阅附件的信息,并随时与我们联系 Dubai_Residency_by_Incorporation

Singapore budget 2020: key takeaways and changes

On 18 February 2020, the Singapore Ministry of Finance has delivered the Budget Statement for the Financial Year (“FY”) 2020. We are pleased to highlight here below the main tax and employment changes that may impact businesses in Singapore. As preliminary remark, it must be noted that Budget 2020 has been presented against the backdrop […]

Hong Kong Budget 20/21 published: take-aways

Yesterday, 26 February Financial Secretary of the HKSAR Government, Mr. Paul Chan, published his 2020/2021 Budget. In a nutshell, new relief measures for supporting enterprises include: introducing a concessionary low-interest loan under the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme, under which 100% guarantee will be provided by the Government.  The application period will last for six months.  […]

Commercial opportunities in Australia: Melbourne

Fidinam (Australasia) Real Estate Pty has successfully acquired a commercial office building in Melbourne Australia on behalf of its clients. 22 William street comprises a 5,700 square metre office building, with some 20 tenants, purchased for $52m AUD. The building originally built in 1922, has undertaken a number of additions and refurbishments over it almost […]

Retroactive effects of Italian “growth decree”

The Italian Government, with the approval of Legislative Decree no. 34 of 30 April 2019, which came into force on 1 May 2019, has made important changes to the two preferential regimes reserved for employees and non-employees who decide to transfer their tax residence to Italian territory. The so-called impatriate regime has certainly made the […]

EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA)

“The most ambitious free trade deal ever conducted with a developing country” – The European Union. The Agreement After three and a half years of negotiation, on Sunday 30th of June, 2019, The European Union and Vietnam signed a landmark free trade deal – The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) – in Hanoi, Vietnam. The […]

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