HR services


Manage employees in different jurisdictions is difficult and time consuming. With a team of experienced professionals Fidinam will help you resolve your internal challenges by providing qualitative HR services.

For companies looking to centralize payroll and treasury across multiple markets or business units, Fidinam can offer HR services covering multiple jurisdictions in Asia and Europe.

Our services include:

  • VISA

Fidinam supports clients in the following

  • Obtaining and renewing employment, dependent and investment visas across multiple
  • Coordinating with the local Authorities in case of enquires.
  • Reporting duties to the local authorities (Start of Employment, Termination and Tax Reporting).
  • Collection of the information and the supporting documents of the Employer and the Employee
    in order to create a proper record in the HR software.
  • Salary calculation according to employment agreements (including bonuses and double pay)
  • Preparation of monthly pay slip
  • Preparation of tailor-made reports for the Employer on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis
    (Master Data Report, Bank Report, Details Report, Annual and Sick Leave Report, Travel
    Expenses Report etc.)
  • Treasury management (payment of the salary and the social contribution)

Fidinam can assist you on:

  • Basic employment contracts or local group employment contracts
  • Development of local harmonisation of employee handbook and policies
  • To be compliant with the Labor Regulation in different jurisdictions
  • Preparation and Administration of compensation and benefits scheme
  • Administration and guidance of recruitment process (create job description and post on the
    related HR online channels)
  • Equal opportunities and salary survey
  • Handling and supporting the client on the complicated cases of cessation of employment
    (including Final Payment Calculation)
  • Global mobility services such as occupational retirement schemes and other pension plans
  • Advise the employee on the cross border labor regulation
  • Enrollment of the Employer and Employee to Social Contribution (if applicable)
  • Calculation, Declaration and Submission of the mandatory monthly Contribution (voluntary if
  • Assistance in the payments of the Social Contribution (issuance of cheques, set-up of the bank autopay etc.)
  • Coordination with local insurance agents in order to find the most suitable offer regarding office
    and medical coverage (including the provision of quotation, comparative table of the offers etc.)

1.Review existing process to assess the best practice for the company;

2.Develop an Internal HR and Treasury plan for the flow of the communication and the payments;

3.Prepare the Payroll and the connected payment for the employees;

4.Calculation and payment of the Social Security;

5.HR support in case of internal disputes between the company and employees;

6.Full treasury service including preparation of a master file for the payments schedule,  online bank transfers, cheques, TT forms, cash orders etc.


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