Wealth & estate planning


Fidinam has been providing wealth and estate planning since 1960. Our solutions allow clients to structure and preserve wealth in order to transfer it to the next generation tax-optimized. Our comprehensive suite of services includes creation of Trusts, incorporation of Private Foundations and the subscription of Life insurances.


A Private Foundation is a legal entity set up by an individual or a business (the Founder) for private, non-charitable, purposes. A foundation’s assets constitute an estate separate from the Founder’s personal assets.
The Founder appoints the Members of the Foundation Council, which are in charge of the fulfillment of the Foundation’s aims and objectives as defined by the Charter and Regulation. The Founder may retain discretionary powers over the Private Foundation.

Fidinam assists its clients in establishing Private Foundations in several jurisdictions, including:
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands and the Republic of Panama.


A Trust is a legal relationship whereby assets (the Trust Fund) contributed by one person (the Settlor) are held and administered for the benefit of another person (the Beneficiary) by a third party (the Trustee). The Settlor can name any person or entity as beneficiary of the Trust.
The Trustee is an individual or a corporate entity with powers of administration of the assets, in accordance with the Trust Deed. The Settlor may also appoint a Protector to carry out a supervisory role over the Trustee.

Fidinam assists its clients in establishing Trusts in several jurisdictions including:
Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland, the Bahamas, Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands.


A life insurance policy is a contract between a subscriber (the Policy Holder) and an insurance company (the Insurer). Once the policy has been subscribed, the Insurer becomes the legal owner of the contributed assets. Such assets may include bankable assets, securities, private companies shares, listed shares, real estates, works of art and other movable properties.

The beneficiaries of the policy are named by the subscriber, who, during his lifetime, can partially or totally redeem it.

Fidinam assists its clients in understanding whether or not the terms and conditions of a given policy may suit their wealth and estate planning purposes.


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